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The Allens Get in the Halloween Spirit

This Halloween the children of the Allen family’s neighborhood swarmed to their doorstep in costume anxious to receive treats from NBA All-Star. Ray Graciously obliged, handing out treats to the masses of costumed fans.

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9 Responses to The Allens Get in the Halloween Spirit

  1. ebou carayol says:

    GOOD JOB WE NEED ANOTHER RING ….. i have a question. do you ever tink of your fans in Africa? mein sum1 like me dyin to see u in person n give you a 1on1 beat down. please reply to my mail

  2. Ann says:


  3. Cathy Johnsen says:

    We miss you playin’ ball-I have my daughter hooked on the Celtics-you’re truly a remarkable player and person, Ray!!!

  4. Kyle Ronan says:

    Ray Allen…Always a class Act, Cant wait for this lockout to end, lets go C’s

  5. Sharelle Venable says:

    Wow !!! I am a Ray Allen fan and post a comment about his halloween festivities to be unfollowed on tweeter!!! Amazing!!! Still have the postcard, God bless you always RT @RayAllenTwenty: Congrats @SharelleVenable! She’ll be getting a postcard from Ray! Here’s some pics from Ray’s trip to #Quai54 in Paris

  6. Ryan King says:

    The things you can do during a lockout….Ray you are my favorite player hope to see you on the court soon!

  7. Sharelle Venable says:

    Ray Allen is a wonderful child of God! God bless you and the family! Especially, Blessing his mommy and daddy for raising an angel!!!

  8. Jake Arnoys says:

    to bad i live in michigan… its my biggest dream ever since i was 4 to make it to the nba! im 13, im 5 ft 6 and play PG. everyone who sees me play say i have one of the best shots they seen. my problem is i go to a small christian school. It would mean so much if you could respond to me! p.s. please just end the lockout! cya!

  9. Nyjina Houston says:

    That was to cute and sweet of him

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