Ray Allen and the Art of the Jumpshot

What motivates Ray Allen, and how he trains himself to be the best shooter in the game.

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28 Responses to Ray Allen and the Art of the Jumpshot

  1. Adrian says:

    You’re my master. Greets from Poland!

  2. luo xurui says:

    I‘m Chinese.And I’m a fan of you!

  3. Li says:

    A hard-working and amazing player!
    But why can’t I watch this video?

  4. johnny says:

    UR a boss

  5. janet says:

    you are so amazing!!!!!!

  6. twon says:

    i love your jumpshot

  7. Lowella Jane Eugenio says:

    I love ray allen so much..every time i watch him play basketball i can’t afford but shout and scream….he never fail to amaze me…

  8. lam says:

    boston all day

  9. lam says:

    your the best i mean it to man

  10. #1fan says:


  11. APRIL TUCKER says:

    If someone had told me 10 years ago that i’d be a Boston fan being from New York, I would’ve called them a liar! That all changed with YOU, Rondo Garnett and Pierce!
    Your such a PURE SHOOTER,YOUR AMAZING!!! Lets get the W tonight please!

  12. Kristen says:

    Hey Ray Ray!! =) I am a HUGE fan! I love basketball and I play for my school here in Maine. My jersey number is 20 cuz that’s your number. Keep up the great work!! You def. inspire me. You have a great work ethic and you are a great role model. I love how you conduct yourself on and off the court. Love ya!
    P.S. Your kids are adorable!
    Love, Krissy

  13. circus says:

    hi ray! you are the reason i started to like basketball, and it is you let me know how amazing this sport is!!! i am your biggest fan!!! i like your performance in the court, and btw you are a great father!

  14. yo ray allen i need you to tell me something. If you were to win the championship what would you do durin the time off would you create a Ray Allen 20 camp?

  15. Dear Ray i Think you are a great NBA player i just know you guys will win the championship skip what everyone else says about you. Just keep on pushin man

  16. Alex says:

    When I was smaller I had two Idols; Ray Allen and Mark Mcgwire Rays the only one not to let me down. Im your biggest fan I love you and good luck verse the Heat. I got 2 “million” on the Celtics and when i win im attempting to buy you ;)jk. I love you Ray

  17. Mehmetcan Karahan says:

    I’m your biggest fan in the world Ray. I love you man. Your are the best shooter in the world.I want to shoot as pro as you. But i try i just try man.Beat Lal and take revenge. We are the best.:) Good Luck

  18. Tom says:

    I like his jumpshoot also very much the same thing i have to argue about is that his right elblow is a bit to awry ( don’t know if it’s the right verb) it could be a bit straighter before shooting the ball or how do you think about it. But there again you can see that it is not the perfection of the technique, but in the way of repetition your own shot many times.

  19. Ray Allen is the reason to why I push myself to become a better shooter. Seeing the motion of his jump shot is legendary and I support Ray from Australia and wear #20 jersey proud where ever I go.

    My next dream is to wear it at a celtics game and see it live with my own eyes. It may be a while but its on my list of “to-do’s” before I die.

  20. Yishu says:

    I’m a Ray fan in Taiwan and I tried opening this clip,
    but it somehow returned with “the uploader has not made this video available in your country” 🙁

  21. I thought him how to shoot,aka shek from the uml rec,im having a free clinic if anyone wants to stop by.

  22. Bill Lopez says:

    This is the reason why hes number one in the amount three point field goals made.

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