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Ray Gives a Speech at an Obama Fundraiser

Ray Allen, along with other notable Bostonians such as NBA Hall-of-Famer and Medal of Freedom recipient Bill Russell and Governor Deval Patrick, made an appearance at a campaign fundraising event for President Barack Obama. “Whether you guys realize it or not, we’re all on a team. Our colors are red, white, and blue. Our coach is Obama,” said Ray in support of President Obama’s 2012 reelection bid.

President Obama, who said early in his speech “it’s good to be back with some Celtics” spoke about Ray as well, calling him “a great friend” and “the greatest three-point shooter of all time”. Ray is of course happy to show up in support of the president, and many Celtics fans over the next year may very well take up the refrain, “Yes we can!” Although they may be talking about banner 18.

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28 Responses to Ray Gives a Speech at an Obama Fundraiser

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  3. RayFan says:

    Still waiting to hear from you Ray on whether or not you support our involvement in Libya. Curious to know the reasons why you either support or oppose it. Thanks Ray!

  4. All-the-way-from””up-in-here-Ray-the Emerald-City-Seattle” Great Job Ray. “”You worked it””!
    PAuly “Unmask the Music”

  5. u’r my idol! well done!!

  6. Joobie says:

    Thanks for representing the UCONN community the way you do, Ray. As a fan of yours & of President Obama’s, please keep up the good work!

  7. Debra Bloom says:

    Mama – there goes that man!!!!!! Have a great summer with your sweet family Ray. Season 2011-12 can’t come soon enough!!

  8. Alex Troupiotis says:

    Congrats Ray!!

  9. marife de leon says:

    nice move,keep going thumbs up to you Ray!

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  12. Liz says:

    Loveee. <3 next year Ray. that is all.

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  14. Molly Rublee says:

    I hate when famous people get political. Just stick to your day job please because by getting political you are going to disappoint or offend someone.

    • sadsonja says:

      Stop hating, he did a wonderful job. Keep it up Ray – let your haters be your motivators…

  15. Ray Fan says:

    Ray, do you support Obama’s decision to increase covert attacks on Yemen without Congress’ approval? If so, why? Don’t you think this is starting to turn into Iraq part 2? Ray, I love you brother but come on. Keep the politics out of it. If you want to run for office after you retire, go for it. I want to watch sports to escape politics and the stresses of the world. Come on man, I’m honestly disappointed. Go Celtics.

    • Jamie says:

      He was supporting a friend. man seriously im sure there are things your friends do that you dont agree with or support, but you’ll still be their ‘friend’. the amount of charity work and things Ray does for the community off his own shoulders is something we should all aspire to do…. what have you done lately for others? so before you bring your own political opinions into this, why not get of your computer chair, go out into the real world and make a difference yourself….

    • Charlie says:

      He has the right to support the president of his country. I know that sounds rediculous to you get over your self

    • Charlie says:

      and are you from boston? lol doesnt sound like it

    • Ray Fan says:

      Ouch. I never said anything about Ray not being an upstanding citizen. He does a lot of good in the community and for that I respect him immensely. *On a side note I don’t think it is fair for you, Jamie, to assume I’m not doing my part in trying to improve my community when you have no idea who I am. In addition, how about answering my question directly? Let’s not act like a stereotypical politician and point fingers, call each other names, and “beat around the Bush” when asked a question. No pun intended.

      If you’re going to post a politically related article and permit public comment, you should also allow healthy debate. I’m curious to hear from Ray about the specific reasons on why he supports President Obama. Is there a particular area of policy that he strongly supports? Is it his foreign policy? Economic policy? Social policy? Educational policy?

      That’s why I don’t like to mix sports with politics. We’re all Celtics fans but have different views on how to achieve the collective goal of a productive, economically stable, free country. I don’t want to have to think about politics while watching the game. I respect Ray’s opinion, but disagree with it. Go C’s.

    • Ray Fan says:

      NY Celtics fan. More taxes than Mass. Can you believe it? Haha JK relax.

  16. Marjerine Albert says:

    Yes We Can!!! Well deserved #18 for our Ray and Celtics and Well deserved Second Term for our President

  17. Sherly JeanBart says:

    Yes we can… Banner 18. Say it loud Ray!!!!

  18. Douglas McGunagle says:

    Ray Allen is nothing less than a CLASS ACT! I am so THRILLED that he is a BOSTON CELTIC!!!

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