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CONTEST: Get a Postcard from Ray in Paris for Quai54

Ray Allen & Co. are in Paris, France, the city of lights for the 19th edition of the Quai54 International Streetball Tournament.
While he’s there, we’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all of you long-time Sugar Ray fans.

The prize? A postcard.

But wait, there’s more! Ray will send a hand-written postcard to you from France, to say ‘what’s up’. A completely unique prize that you can show all of your friends, and make them completely green with envy.

How do you sign up? Plenty of ways actually:

  • Tweet about the contest with the #RayMail hashtag and a link to the contest

  • Share this page or ‘Like’ us on facebook

  • Sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of the page)

  • Send us a message through the Ask Ray page here on

Sign up Quick! This contest ends Saturday, June 25th at 4pm EST!

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110 Responses to CONTEST: Get a Postcard from Ray in Paris for Quai54

  1. Kristi Downing says:

    Hi Ray!
    Just wanted to say thanks for all you are to the Celtics and to those of us who love the Celtics. I’m a 44-year-old mom in North Carolina who was introduced to you and your fellow players last year (2011) by my 15-year-old son. He plays basketball and has watched every video he can to learn your shooting form. We admire you for what a great player you are but more importantly what a good man you are. No matter what the coming season brings you will always be a Celtic in my heart :). By the way, my two sons and I went to Charlotte to see you play on April 15th of this year but you were coming off your ankle injury and didn’t play. I can’t tell you how disappointed we were to not get to see you (it would have been a dream come true) but you guys won so we were happy.
    Take care and I’m praying for Christian’s health-
    Kristi Downing

  2. devonte malone says:

    wassup ray allen

  3. AJ says:

    Hey Ray,

    How about you come and visit me here at Chicago. D. Rose is nice but your my favorite player in the NBA. So if you’re free and everything, think about coming here. Please? It would really make my life and I can die saying… “In my life I met many great people, but no one comes close to Ray Allen.” Keep on shooting those daggers.

    – Much respect from one of your biggest fans, AJ

  4. Ryan Hydorn says:

    Congratulations to your Huskies for winning another NCAA championship.

    If you could assemble a UCONN all time team who would be in your starting five?

    How do you think your 5 would do against Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Brad Daugherty, Ty Lawson, and Vince Carter?

    (no disrespect to Antawn Jamison, Phil Ford, Tyler Hansbrough, Ray Felton, Jerry Stackhouse, Kenny Smith, Same Perkins)

  5. Ryan Hydorn says:

    Who is your favorite shooter of all time and why? Love your game and miss seeing you drive defenders crazy runnin’ off screens in Seattle.
    You are a class act and I hope other youngsters model their game and work ethic after yours.

    Ryan Hydorn

  6. Jake Andrews says:

    Shout out to the greatest shooter to ever live! Keep gunnin for life my man x

    One question though, when did you start being recogonised as being the utter gun that you are from down town?