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2nd Annual Ray Allen Golf Tournament a Success!

Today is the day, the 2nd Annual Ray Allen Golf Tournament has finally arrived on the links of the TPC River Highlands course in Cromwell, CT. We’ve got a bit of the usualNew England weather going on today, but if you don’t want to golf just ’cause of a little rain, you aren’t a golfer. Anyway, these folks came out today for more than just a round of golf. The real reason Ray Allen Golf Tournament is organized is to raise money for the Ray of Hope Foundation.

Established by NBA All-Star Ray Allen in 1997, The Ray of Hope Foundation assists with sports related and community based programs and provides avenues of opportunity through which our youth can “hope” to realize their full potential.

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The Ray of Hope Foundation has helped charitable organizations in several parts of the country fulfill their mission of assisting children in need. From Diabetes research, providing kids in low-income areas with safe and productive activities, to helping young students build greater self-esteem; the foundation is focused on continuing its positive work and becoming a constructive force in the Northeast. Most recently the foundation has been installing brand new school computer labs, in an effort to allow students in underprivileged schools to have access to modern technology and opportunities they otherwise would not have had. (See: Video:Greenwood School, Video:Tobin School)

Thanks to everyone who participated in making this year’s Ray Allen Golf Tournament a wild success, and we hope to see you all again next year.

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37 Responses to 2nd Annual Ray Allen Golf Tournament a Success!

  1. Lash says:

    Hello Ray,

    I would like to welcome you to HEAT nation.I am sorry Celtics Fans when you treat a player of Allens nature with class that’s what you get back Class as you can see. No disrespect to Boston but this man is a legend in his own right and he earned that right and yet you treat him like a has been when he is still an Is and go to guy…. Miami will prove that eventually, he will start and we will help him with skills he didnt even know he had. so with that being said, I was reading some of the comments and I love Allen he is the only player i really cared for on the Boston team and as for Rondo Good luck cause that showed how much respect you had for your self when you walked off the court and didnt respect the winning team classy huh SMH but that’s all in the pass this is Rays page and his time Welcome to Miami Heat.

  2. monica stupak says:

    my mom is one of your biggest fans she has watched you ever since your UCONN playing days she had faith in you and Diana Taurasi before you both made it into the NBA/WNBA!!!!!

  3. boston balooza says:

    ray you should have stayed with the celtics to help them defete the heat i dont know who to root for anymore but it wont be the heat

  4. tutomut3 says:

    Best of luck to you Ray! Hope you get another ring!
    Keep the Golf tournament going !!

  5. laura mckiernan says:

    So sad to see you go. Wish you would have resigned with the Celtics. You are needed in Boston more than Miami. Thanks for your years here and for number 17. GO CELTICS!!!

  6. I am extremely inspired with your writing talents and also with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid subject or did you customize it your self? Anyway stay up the excellent high quality writing, it’s rare to peer a nice weblog like this one these days..

  7. Joan D says:

    I know things are always more complicated than they seem – but you are my favorite Celtic of all time – he idea of them letting you go and you leaving! You are the best and a class act. Remember watching you the championship series against LA and all you went thru with your little son, and you celebrating together. I even watched your wife’s cooking show 🙂

    Anyway I am praying you reach an agreement with the Celtics and retire a Celtic which is what you deserve (i.e. no trade clause). Celtics nation still loves you! Please, consider resigning with the Celtics – lets make another run together. I want to see them hang #20 from the Garden rafters someday!!!! I know you have it in you to be the reason we win!!! No matter what will always appreciate what you did for our team and community.

    Your biggest fan, Joan D

  8. Ashlie says:

    We want you Back Ray Ray !! we <3 you #banner18withRAY!

  9. SANDRA says:


    I am 30 minutes from Miami and hear that you are talking to the Miami Heat about signing. Please don’t do it!!!! I am a HUGE fan of yours! I fell in love with the Celtics because of the “Big 3”. My brother recently asked me why i root for the Celtics when i live in Fort Lauderdale. I showed him the video of the Celtics Big 3 coming together vs the Heat Big 3. He finally understood! 🙂

    I was sooo moved by the way you guys stuck together(AS A TEAM) this past season with all the adversity! I CAN’T SAY HOW MUCH I ADMIRE YOU for playing under, God knows how much pain with those Bone Spurs! That was an inspiration to me to keep pushing towards my goals, no matter what! Stay in Boston. They are FAMILY! Believe me, the Miami Heat fans are nothing like the Boston Fan…just think about how the Boston fans chanted “Lets Go Celtics” when you guys were down 20 points in game 6 of the ECF. That would never happen in Miami.

    I understand that you have to make the best decision for your Family. But if there is anyway you can go back to Boston…please Re-sign!!!

    A TRUE FAN!!!

  10. Arkaidus says:

    You’re a great player Ray and as much as I love seeing you play as a celtic I would really much HATE seeing you on the bench as its looking right now with bradley on the starting line up and terry to back him up.. You should team up with D-wade and bron and make that hand heavier with another ring! Good luck with any decision you make man! My best wishes for u and your fam.

  11. Craig says:

    Ray, you’re my favorite player since i was a kid. You’ve got the sweetest jumpshot in the world. I was psyched when you joined my favorite team Boston Celtics. Please stay! fuck the heat. Thats a rival now. I know that teams will double Lebron and Wade and leave you wide open for 3’s to sink, and that team will be even more loaded. But the Celtics are my team, and stay with them! We’re loaing up this year too. I think we will be even more dominate than the Miami Heat. Wherever you go I will support you, unless you play against the C’s. Dont leave your team hangin’ . we need you!

  12. TvelDisip says:

    Ray I’m a fan of you..I wan’t you to win a ring to finish your basketball career , I believe Miami heat will be the best fit for that..I will keep praying for you to get well and ready to go..

  13. Tony Brawley says:

    RAY, I hope you’ll give us another. chance in the coming year! We need your steady confidence undauntling hustle to make it all work for another championship! Hang with us man. It’s a blast to see your Mom supporting you in the crowd. May the Good Lord guide your decision! Thanks, TB

  14. Laurence Collins says:

    Man.. I wish I could donate, but I’m only 14.. is there any way to give cash without credit? Any places I can go to?

    Guys, let him decide where he wants to go!
    If he goes to Miami, I’ll miss his presence in Boston, but hey.. the only difference there would be between him last season and now is who he plays for, if he were to leave.

    Where ever you go, I’ll support you.

  15. Chris says:

    Ray You shuld Join the LeBron James & the Miami Heat next year… And win A Title !, who cares if you only get 3 mil money aint nothingaylt this time you got all the money… explore your talent through different team/Miami .. !!.. Hope you join u.. We the fans would love to see you join us next season

  16. NE NDC says:

    Don’t leave us, Ray Allen! Boston needs you!

  17. Erica says:

    Hi Ray Allen, I love u 2 death u are 1 of my favorite basketball players…I love watching you shooting the 3’s are so exciting..I really hope u and the Celtics organization can come 2 some agreement..You, Pierce, KG & Rondo are my favorite and y’all are definitely the big 4..where ever you go I will support you always and be your fan!!! Celtics 4 life!!!

  18. Ayah says:

    Dear Ray Allen (3 point king) ur the most amazing player and I hope u return next year to get the celtics another banner and you another ring I have your jersey and I saw u play live and it was the best day of my life anne I hope u come back next year

  19. Tameshia Godfrey says:

    I agree with you Ray. You have a lot of basketball left in you. Every other NBA team thinks they have a “BIG 3” but no 3 players together can match the talent that you, Kevin and Paul have. They don’t come close. You guys raised the bar so high that in my opinion no other team could put together 3 guys to match…Hope you can and will are so loved by fans like me. I have been a HUGE FAN of yours since you played in the Big East at UConn!!!

  20. Tameshia Godfrey says:

    I will hope and pray all summer that the you and the Celtic’s organization can come up with some kind of agreement that works best for you, your family and the Celtic’s organization so that you CAN RETURN. It would be great if you, Kevin and Paul can finish you careers as Boston Celtic’s.

  21. michelle says:

    please stay in boston celtics 🙁

  22. michelle says:

    i love you so much allen :*

  23. Tameshia Godfrey says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys close out the Miami Heat to move on and work to get that 2nd championship ring. You guys deserve it. Hope something special happens in the off season to keep the 5 of you together as a team(Ray, Paul, Rondo, Kevin & coach Rivers)I have cheered for this team since day 1 of the 2011/2012 season when everyone around me in my city of Pittsburgh PA & all over television said this Celtic’s team has no chance because of age…it’s great to see you guys prove them all wrong…GO GREEN!!! This is it

  24. Robin says:

    hey ray..just want to tell u that u are my favorite player..i love watching u play and it hurt when u hurt ur ankle and couldn’t play for a while; and now ur back and showing the world that u never left..its time for another Boston championship..i believe. #20 4/eva

  25. Nate Nold says:

    ray allen you rock you are my favorite player and also love celtics and larry bird

  26. Don Davis says:

    Hi Ray!

    I placed a bid on a 23″ x 27″ framed photo of your record breaking 3 point shot and I won!! The auction was held at the YMCA in Reading, MA. I placed the bid in hopes of winning the photo for one of the graduation presents for my daughter who goes to Central Michigan University (CMU). I also have the receipt from the YMCA. My daughter, Melissa, admires you as a person and player, who doesn’t. That’s why I had to place the bid. What would it cost for you to write a general letter to my dauhter that I can give to her along with the photo when she graduates? I would love to give her something from you that talks about character and hard work. Melissa is in her 2nd year. She will be flying into Logan for the Holidays in December.

    In any case, Congratulations to you and your mother.

    P.S. I was stationed around mile 8 during the Boston Marathon when your mother ran by. I was a volunteer for the New England Organ Bank giving support to our runners. I donated a kidney to my younger brother in 2008. We ran the marathon together, along with my fiancee, in 2009.

  27. Rhonda Asley says:

    You’re the reason I started to follow the NBA, Ray, and I am now a rapt Celtics fan. Hope to get to Boston to watch you play some time.

  28. Scott McMurtrie says:

    yo ray id love yo hear from u. u r my idol. u have no idea. just think when u were a kid and u looked up to someone like reggie miller. thats how i feel about u. so itd mean the world to talk to u.

  29. 徐永晟 says:

    哇 你真是太神了 太酷了 太Man了 太[睿]了 你的投籃姿勢真帥

    哈哈 睿 艾倫

  30. Ka-k says:

    Congrats Ray:-)
    I hope you will success next year too!!
    You are my favorite player.
    I watch your activity on TV from Japan:-)

  31. Dennis Darunday says:

    i hope idol will see you in person!!!!!!

  32. alex arthur says:

    Marvelous idol… you are my fvr8 player in nba…. hope i will see you in person… im from philippines

  33. Johnny says:

    Awesome Ray. U r my fav playa and alway will be

  34. rain716 says:

    congrats ray,on the success of your 2nd annual golf tournament….kept it up especially on helping the needy….congrats again and more power and success to come…..on your carrer and your foundation

  35. Kazaria Williams says:


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