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Why I Went to Auschwitz | The Players’ Tribune

Back in May of this year, Ray had chance to travel to Auschwitz in Poland. It was a trip that Ray had been looking forward to taking for a very long time. Ray published an article in The Players’ Tribune explaining why he went to Auschwitz and what he experienced while he was there

Please click on the picture below to view the article Ray wrote…

Photos from the From The Depths trip to Poland with Ray Allen (Photo by Elan Kawesch)

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One Response to Why I Went to Auschwitz | The Players’ Tribune

  1. Kenneth Harrison says:

    It has to be very moving and difficult trip to see the camp. I am inspired that Ray went and suggest that Ray visit Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. After taking in everything in the history museum, the visitor exits in a place that overlooks the Jerusalem hills and that view is very moving.

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