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VOTE Ray For ESPYS – Best Play!


We are excited to announce that Ray has been nominated for an ESPY Award for BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR, for his game tying 3-point field goal in game 6 of the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs. The Miami HEAT team have also been nominated for BEST TEAM and BEST GAME!

VOTING HAS ALREADY BEGAN; so please log on to to cast your vote for Ray and the Miami HEAT today!

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29 Responses to VOTE Ray For ESPYS – Best Play!

  1. joel mg says:

    Ray Allen to the rescue,
    Ray Allen save the day for Miami.

  2. Shiloh Shane says:

    Ray, I always dreamed of the day you might play for the Heat….and here you are!!…….and made the biggest shot of your career to save the day for the Heat. I hope your ex Celtic players were men enough to congratulate you.

  3. Cheryl Morgan says:

    Voted again and again. You will always get my vote 🙂 I flew down from Toronto, Canada just for GAME 6 and saw my hero of the NBA (fan since UCONN) and you better believe I was going NUTS in the stands. I literally flew from Toronto to see 4 Miami Games in Miami…but GAME 6 was a check off my bucket list!!! I love this man!!! and THANKS AGAIN for giving me your shooting sleeve at the BOS vs TOR game in Toronto on Jan. 10, 2010. I damn near fainted!!! <3 you Walter Ray Allen. #RAYRAY

  4. lynn weest says:

    you sure deserve the vote, it’s in for you

  5. renee says:

    I have been ray allen fan since he was in the movie he got game love my ray allen

  6. alejandro says:

    You are the best not sharp woman’s faces, wade, james, bosh podran to do what your faeces in the nba and in the world

  7. whey says:

    ray allen is the one who save the miami heat from being eliminated in the nba finals. if not for ray’s 3 point shot in the dying seconds of the fourth quarter … the spurs are surely the nba champs … but tnx for the clutch 3 point shot of ray allen … i salute and vote ray for the very historic best play of the nba finals game ever !

  8. Ely Parinas says:

    I Vote Ray Allen, Because he save the Miami heat!

  9. Ray Allen is one of the best players in the NBA and he should be blessed with this award and that was the best play in the finals by far.

  10. Giovanni Massimino says:

    Ray Allen you have my vote for first hard you work everyday on your free throws and three pointers. Also how u HELP get better. But THE SHOT the that saved the heat from losing a championship and was in the late seconds of a game 6 elimination game when they were down. Look I’m not talking anything away from bosh wade or LEBRON JAMES who had his fair share of clutch shots and who is the best player in game in my OPINION so I’m not trying to take anything away from them all I’m saying is that if Ray Allen didn’t make that shot the heat wouldn’t have a championship right now and that is a one of the clutches shots in nba finals history.

  11. Stephen Payne says:

    Ray is definitely the American dream. A true human of perfection. Hard work triumphs all adversity. Ray is best player I’ve seen to date to play the game of basketball.

  12. Chris Jenkins says:

    I vote Ray Allen, he do deserve it for one of the most best players in the nba ever he do have my vote on that one hundred percent.

  13. Yves says:

    For Ray Allen is the best three shooter, so he deserves to win the ESPY award !

  14. nehemie zephir says:

    I love Ray is the best 3 point shooter

  15. Nicolas says:

    Of course you have my vote ! I’m your best fan ever ! And you are the best shooter ever 😉

  16. ronnel says:

    to my one and only NBA idol ever since i discovered you playing in boston celtics, i wish you all the strength and power .. i love your shooting form and how you delivers each and every shots .. very swift and perfect ! nothing but net, hope to see more of you this coming season. from your number one fan here in the philippines !(also known as Ray Allen ihere in my hood) because just like you im’a shooter too ! hehe ! i wanna be like you .. no mess in perimeters.

  17. shamaine patricio says:

    million vote for the best clutcher.. 🙂

  18. Hector says:

    Ray definitly, you are the best, and obviusly you have my vote. 😉

  19. Star says:

    Im a big NBA fan but no loyalty to a particular team. I follow NBA based on the player and surely its Ray Allen. Followed him since. Sooo happy for his NBA rings. Ray, you are the best NBA player. Next season I will still be following the Heat and will always cheer for the heat because of Ray Allen. You are the my favorite nba player! I like your catch & shoot style especially the corner 3s! its the best!

  20. Terry Mills says:

    I have followed Ray Allen since college with all the teams he has been on. He is by far the best basketball player and 3pt player i have ever seen! Love this guy, he is a true human being, honest and very giving to the community! It is a shear pleasure to watch him play, grace at it’s best… effort!

  21. Jennifer Lambert says:


  22. Ray fan all the way says:

    pls fix the website link above to voting. it should be not We need Ray to get the award he deserves.

  23. Star says:

    You’ve got my vote!!!

  24. Ms. Lisa Brooks says:

    Ray Allen is an extremely talented NBA player who exhibits what it is to be humble, articulate and respectful. I enjoy watching him on the court being an avid NBA game enthuiast. The league lost me a couple of years ago when M.J. was still playing I believe and there was a NBA strike it upset me so as it turned me away from viewing any more NBA games, highlights etc.. But sitting down these past 5 years I have gotten my game face back on watching a few choice teams and they’re teammates play the game I have enjoyed from my childhood until now and he deserves all the accolades and more along with so many others but now it’s Ray’s time all praises go out to his family and especially his Mom. Give it To Him

  25. Jhonatan Romero says:

    Desde Venezuela! Allen ese triple fue el mejor que e visto en mi vida estaba yo en ese momento apoyando a miami heat y hasta llore 😀 Soy tu fanatico!

  26. cristian says:

    si no fuera por rey allen el heat no tuviera ese anillo yo se que lebron ayudo y wade pero rey allen fue el salvador del heat

  27. Justin says:

    Best Play PERIOD! HEAT FAN ALL THE WAY FROM Houston, Tax!

  28. ra says:

    Congrats ray my favorite player. I love the way you carry yourself.

  29. Takehiro says:

    You’re the No.1 shooter!!!

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